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Employer Matching Gifts

image (photo: Sean Sprague) 

You can double your giving to CNEWA at no extra cost to you! And it’s as easy as one, two, three:

1. Ask your employer if they
    match the charitable gifts
    of employees like you.

2. Fill out the “Employee”
    section of the form your
    employer provides you,
    and mail it to CNEWA with
    your donation.

3. CNEWA will complete the “Charity” section for the form, and mail it back to
    your employer.

Some companies may ask you to provide the Federal Tax Identification Number when you apply for a match. The tax I.D. for CNEWA is 13-1623929.

Most companies offer charitable matching gifts, and some companies even match donations made by the spouses of employees and retirees. There’s a good chance your employer offers you this benefit, too.

Are you taking advantage of it? A matching gift from your employer means more resources for the poor and the churches of CNEWA’s world. It means more good works done for the church in your name.

Ask your employer about matching your gifts to CNEWA today!

If you have any questions about employer matching gifts or are interested in a corporate partnership, please feel free to contact 1-877-284-3806 ext. 504 or