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As violence rages across huge areas of Iraq, many of the country’s Christians have now fled to nearby lands. But thousands of families remain. They’re trapped, traumatized and increasingly hopeless. And the chaos they’ve endured is growing worse.

What sort of future do they face? With ISIS now largely vanquished, some Christians are returning to the homes they abandoned, and struggling to begin again. Working through our key partners in the region, such as the Dominican Sisters of St. Catherine of Siena, CNEWA is offering a lifeline to these courageous Christians-through health care, education and spiritual support, all aimed at keeping this cradle of Christianity alive.

When you contribute to CNEWA, you’ll help desperate families receive food, clothing, schooling, trauma counseling, pastoral care and more. You’ll fund the training of future priests to serve the poor. And you’ll ensure Catholic clinics can offer better care. Give what you can and you’ll help us do it all. You’ll bring hope to this war-torn land.

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