Eastern Europe

(photo: Nazik Armenakyan)

In Armenia, Georgia, Romania and other Eastern European countries, poor Christians are struggling to survive. In rural areas especially, village men leave the country to find work. Few return. Women, children and the elderly are left behind to suffer. The elderly, in particular, find themselves very often alone and abandoned-becoming “the new orphans” in a harsh and unforgiving world.

CNEWA is supporting the efforts of our partner Caritas to give security and sanctuary to these forgotten parents and grandparents, while also helping to support religious institutions and communities.

Make your donation to CNEWA today, and you’ll help send urgent support to struggling mothers and children. You’ll fund local centers where the elderly find food, companionship and medical care. And you’ll help convents and seminaries train future sisters and priests, who’ll bring hope to the region’s forgotten poor.

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