(photo: Ilene Perlman)

Israel’s Christian families occupy a position in their homeland that isn’t always comfortable. Or clear. Most are of Arab descent, but they aren’t Muslim. They’re officially Israeli, but not Jews. Many are desperately poor. Unemployment and terrible housing are chronic problems. And their struggling, underfunded schools fail to prepare their children for the future.

Seeking to help the small but devoted population of Hebrew-speaking Christians in the country, CNEWA has supported educational and child care initiatives that have helped integrate Christians into the community, providing opportunities for learning and employment and fostering a sense of belonging.

Your donation will help Israel’s Christians meet the challenges they face. The everyday miracles CNEWA helps make possible — job training, education for visually impaired children, elderly care, pastoral programs and more — can’t happen without your support. Every dollar brings hope to families who have almost nothing. So please give generously if you can.

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