Offer hungry souls a plate of kindness


Here at CNEWA, we’ve witnessed the enormous power of sharing. In desperate corners of the Middle East, Northeast Africa, India and Eastern Europe, we see its life-affirming effects at work.

But we also know that having too little to share devastates hungry families and the elderly. Wherever they live, most have one thing in common: food is very scarce.

That’s why CNEWA is helping churches and religious sisters. It’s so they can provide nutritious formula for infants. Lunches for school kids. Meals for the elderly. And a great deal more.

But there are more undernourished people out there than you can imagine. And that’s why we need you to step in.

Can you help CNEWA — and the churches and religious sisters we partner with — reach out to the hungry? In the spirit of sharing, help us fill their empty plates. Please contribute if you can and give them hope.

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