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If you could devote your life to helping struggling families, you’d learn a sobering truth. When a grandfather needs to spend all of his energy to ensure his granddaughters survive one more day, the future is usually the last thing on his mind.

Like many of the people that CNEWA helps each day, Caleb was a farmer in his homeland. But when soldiers burned the fields, his family had to flee, walking for days until they reached a safe haven.

Today, they live in a shack made of rusted sheet metal. Although he has no steady work, Caleb insists they will go home and farm again. Until then, he’s grateful for the food, medicine and schooling his granddaughters receive through the local church and religious sisters. All of it is funded by CNEWA.

But thousands of families continue to struggle due to poverty, war or natural disaster. Rebuilding a life is never easy. It’s even harder to do alone.

They need our help so they can get back on their feet. Please send a contribution if you can.

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