It is the great word of celebration for this season — a word that sings in our hearts as we rejoice in the Resurrection. Happy Easter! Alleluia!

“On Easter Sunday,” writes Atonement Friar Elias D. Mallon, “we need to stand back and get a broader look at the whole picture” of the three days of the Easter Triduum. “They are, without a doubt, the holiest days in the Christian calendar and they lie at the core of our identity as Christians.”

In this holiest of seasons, you can help the world echo with even more “Alleluias.”

Your gift today to CNEWA can help make the great hope of Easter live on in places like Lebanon, Syria, Palestine, Jordan, Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia, India, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Egypt, and Iraq. Now, like those who first discovered the empty tomb, let’s all tell the story that he is risen!

For all who are struggling to rebuild their lives in the age of COVID-19, help us share the boundless hope of Christ. To many, CNEWA means a kind face, a warm meal, a hand to hold.

CNEWA means a brighter future, lit by the love of Christ. Help us spread that light this Easter season.

He is risen! Alleluia!

Get to know us and stay informed about the impact your support makes.

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