Take Five: 5 Ways to Bring Good Health to Gaza

A Palestinian doctor examines a child at the N.E.C.C. Mother and Child Clinic in Gaza City.
(photo: Eman Mohammed)

The Gaza Strip has been under siege for years. Continuing blockades prohibit much-needed healthcare commodities from entering the region — such as medicines, advanced technology and other medical supplies, even medical staff. The situation remains highly tenuous as community health needs continue to grow.

But there is hope! Last year CNEWA, in partnership with our generous donors, successfully advanced the health and well-being of communities throughout the Gaza Strip by sponsoring healthcare projects offered by the clinics of the Near East Council of Churches (N.E.C.C.). Together, we worked to promote and restore dignity for families and children by helping to provide basic medical care.

Here are five things you’ve helped us to accomplish:

  1. Raised awareness. The N.E.C.C. clinics, working with local organizations, held over 2,000 public health campaigns covering topics like breastfeeding, personal hygiene, nutrition education and psychosocial counseling.
  2. Brightened smiles. Mobile dental clinics were set up to administer basic free dental care to remote, under-served communities throughout Gaza. Dental exams increased from 6,479 to 7,056.
  3. Immunized kids. Over 9,000 children were newly registered last year at the clinics. That means each child received a free checkup and any missing vaccinations and inoculations. Early registration of infants increased, too!
  4. Stocked shelves. Ensured fully stocked pharmacies throughout the year at all clinics, allowing them to provide services to families and at-risk groups unable to receive full treatment at other under-stocked clinics in the area.
  5. Cared for pregnant mothers. Through our clinics, over 1,500 mothers received excellent pre- and postnatal care, including classes and lectures about good habits for raising healthy children and caring for families and women’s empowerment. Each mother and newborn also received thorough follow-ups from clinic staff.

You can read more about recent efforts to help the people of Gaza in “Behind the Blockade” from the March 2012 issue of ONE. And visit our @VVVV-1 page to learn how you can make a difference yourself!

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