Take Five: Five Places You May Find CNEWA

A sister tends to a patient at the Mother of Mercy Clinic in Zerqa, Jordan. (photo: John E. Kozar)

Where is CNEWA? We just might be closer than you think — and we might even be in your own backyard.

We work closely with local church leaders to identify the crucial needs of their communities and to find and implement sustainable solutions. So, for this week’s “Take Five,” here are five regions where CNEWA has an impact:

  1. Middle East. In this volatile region, the churches and peoples in Jordan and Iraq, Lebanon and Syria and Palestine and Israel are in great need of assistance. CNEWA comes to their aid through its offices in Amman, Beirut and Jerusalem. One example of our work is the Mother of Mercy Clinic in Zerqa, Jordan, run by the Dominican Sisters of St. Catherine of Siena. Specializing in prenatal and postnatal care, the clinic offers impoverished mothers and babies health care for free.
  2. Northeast Africa. CNEWA supports a variety of programs in Egypt, Ethiopia and Eritrea. While political instability dominates the headlines, poverty and hunger — especially in the Horn of Africa — are always a concern. CNEWA works primarily with children in need throughout the region. Thanks to our person-to-person sponsorship program, children go to school, where they are nourished, body, mind and soul.
  3. India. CNEWA’s work is mainly in the state of Kerala, which has a significant population of Christians. According to ancient tradition, St. Thomas the Apostle (a.k.a. “Doubting Thomas”) brought the faith there and was martyred in the year 72. One CNEWA project in India reaches out to the so-called “untouchables” or Dalits, a caste of people living in abject poverty. One of the ways we help restore their dignity is by providing them with a modest house to call home.
  4. Eastern Europe. It is a region of the world still struggling with the legacy of Communism. CNEWA has been serving the churches and peoples primarily in Armenia, Georgia and Ukraine. The elderly were especially affected by poverty in Georgia, and were largely forgotten. Caritas Georgia, one of CNEWA’s partners, gives much-needed assistance to the vulnerable elderly through its soup kitchens — providing them with at least one good meal a day — and by nursing the sick.
  5. North America. You can find CNEWA offices in New York City in the United States and in Ottawa in Canada. Acting like a bridge, CNEWA connects generous North Americans with those in need living in remote parts of the world, educating them about the Eastern churches and cultures through ONE magazine, processing their gifts, keeping financial accounts and updating the website and blog with news and stories, to name a few.

Those are just a few ways CNEWA helps others to help themselves in some corners of the world. You can discover more at our website, in the pages of our award-winning magazine ONE, and here on this blog.

Together with your help, we build the church, alleviate poverty, encourage dialogue, affirm human dignity and inspire hope. Although each region is unique, they are united through CNEWA to fulfill Christ’s prayer “that all may be one.”

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