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COVID-19 Emergency Update From India

Monday morning, we received this message from M.L. Thomas, CNEWA’s regional director in India. He reports that, after consultation with the local churches to determine the greatest need, his staff was able to disperse the first funds from the CNEWA Emergency Fund:

With the initial support of US $75,000 to India, we were able to reach out to those in need in the ways listed below:

1)  5,630 families (37,520 individuals) were given a Food Materials Kit. This included rice, wheat flour, sugar, oil, salt, tea, chili powder, onion, coriander powder, turmeric powder, etc.
2)  5,630 (37,520 individuals) families were given a Sanitizer Kit. This included masks, hand sanitizer, soap, detergents, etc.
3)  23,580 cooked food packets were supplied.

We collaborated with 10 social service teams of 10 Catholic dioceses in various locations in India, which included Maharashtra, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Telengana, New Delhi and Kerala, to distribute these items. It was really a timely help.

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