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Our Lord needed Twelve Apostles. Each was called because he had gifts to give. Each made a special contribution to Christ’s mission.

The Apostles brought the light of Christ to our brothers and sisters in need — and you, too, can transform the world through your support of CNEWA by joining the Apostles Club, CNEWA’s monthly giving program.

Your donations will go further because your support every month will minimize our costs and put more funds directly toward CNEWA’s mission.

When you join our Apostles Club, you become an apostle for the Lord by making 12 special contributions a year to the work of CNEWA. The more people who join, the more we can strengthen the church and relieve suffering in Christ’s name.

Become a member of CNEWA’s Apostles Club today! You will have the satisfaction of knowing that you can change the lives of the less fortunate — for the better.

For more information and to give monthly through your credit card or bank account, please email or call 1-866-322-4441.

Are you a Canadian resident? If so, please visit CNEWA Canada to make a donation.

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