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CWL caring for our common home

We are grateful that the Catholic Women’s League of Canada chose to support CNEWA Canada for their Care for our Common Home project this year.

Your generosity today will help repair a drinking water well at Pieta Bhavan (House of Mercy) in Kerala, India.  It is a Christian home caring for 60 women with intellectual disabilities.

The state of Kerala has experienced severe flooding – causing mudslides, loss of crops and even many deaths. 

Your kindness will prevent the well from contamination due to flooding and will ensure that its residents have clean and drinkable water.

Please note: the CWL National Executive decided that any excess funds received as donations for this project will support an additional CNEWA project: providing feeding support to Catholic Schools in the Adigrat Diocese, located in Ethiopia.  See info here.

You can give by phone at 1-866-322-4441 or by mail to 1247 Kilborn Place, Ottawa, ON, K1H 6K9.  Cheques should be made payable to CNEWA Canada.  Please indicate that your donation is for “CWL Common Home”.  You can also give online here.

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