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CNEWA Connection

Since the war in Syria began nearly three years ago, millions of Syrians have been separated from their homes, their communities and the lives they had once known. Through the courage and resourcefulness of its contacts on the ground — bishops, priests, sisters, parish networks and other community leaders — CNEWA has been providing aid to those who have been displaced and those hunkered down in their basements.

Our donors have enabled us to provide vital assistance in the form of food, clothing, fuel, winter supply kits and more — including school supplies, enabling the Good Shepherd sisters, Jesuits and Paulists, for example, to teach children despite the destruction of their schools.

To lend your support to families displaced by the war in Syria, call: 1.800.442.6392 (United States) or 1.866.322.4441 (Canada).

Get to know us and stay informed about the impact your support makes.

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