Our Novice and Seminarian Sponsorship programs offer a deeper spiritual commitment to the CNEWA in its calling to accompany the church.

As young women and men grow in their vocations of service, they receive the spiritual and financial support of good people like you half a world away. Through your mutual commitments of service and support, seminarians, novices, lay men and women grow as members of one world, one human family and one church, all in service to the one God, who loves us all.

Sponsorship helps bind a people, a world increasingly fractured, broken.

Sponsor a Seminarian

Consider sponsoring a seminarian. Your support of this good work helps the church in its efforts to evangelize and live the Gospel.

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Sponsor a Novice

Your sponsorship helps young women in a formation program to become a religious sister and respond to God’s call to service.

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Why Sponsor a Seminarian or Novice?

Your sponsorship enables these young men and women to focus on their studies, their apostolic works and the space and time to discern their vocation.

Mission is central to the People of God, who share the good news of Jesus with everyone. Sponsorship of novices and seminarians is an active engagement in this mission.

For young women and men in religious formation in India, Ethiopia, Egypt, Lebanon, Ukraine and elsewhere, the financial support of North Americans makes possible their education. More importantly, though, these Christians grow in awareness of their spiritual kinship with people of the West even as they remain faithful to their Eastern traditions.

What countries need sponsors?

Vocations to the priesthood remain plentiful in Northeast Africa, India and Eastern Europe. Hundreds of seminarians in the lands we serve need generous sponsors.

While the numbers of women discerning a call to religious life are not as plentiful as they once were, hundreds remain committed and need support.

What does it cost to sponsor a seminarian or novice?

In most of the countries we serve, it costs more than $1,080 per year to support a seminarian or novice. We suggest a monthly gift of $90.

How often should I make payments?

Your sponsorship payment can be made monthly or annually.

Do all my contributions go directly to the seminarian or novice?

Your contributions support the seminary or the house of formation where your seminarian or novice is studying. A small percentage is retained to help cover administrative costs.

May I write to my seminarian or novice?

Please do! Address your letters to CNEWA, 1011 First Avenue, New York, NY 10022-4195. Include your full name, your personal sponsorship I.D. number and your seminarian or novice’s full name and location code.

To avoid additional requests for support, please do not include your return address. Also, please avoid making political references that could cause difficulties for seminarians or novices in certain countries.

Will my seminarian or novice write to me?

Within the first few months you should receive a letter of introduction from the seminarian or novice you are sponsoring. They are encouraged to write to their sponsors, especially at Christmas. We will do everything we can to expedite communication between you and your seminarian or novice. Sometimes, responses are irregular because of language difficulties or the postal system.

May I send gifts to my seminarian or novice?

Unfortunately, it is not possible for us to send packages overseas. However, you may wish to send a monetary gift instead (please, a minimum of $10). You may send your one-time gift through the web site, but please note in the comments area that it is for your seminarian or novice, and provide his or her name. Thank you!

Since seminarians and novices are members of a community, gifts are used at the discretion of the rector or mistress of novices. Sometimes gifts are shared with the entire community.

Can I sponsor a seminarian or novice by phone or mail?

We encourage you to set up your sponsorship on this website. If you need any help or would like to make your gifts through the mail, please call us at (800) 442-6392. You can also email us at

I have an existing sponsorship in place. Why can’t I see it on the website?

Currently, only the sponsorship agreements created on our website appear. We hope you will be able to manage sponsorship commitments made offline on this site in the coming months.

May I visit my seminarian or novice?

In some of the countries we serve, travel is difficult and occasionally restricted. If, however, you plan to visit the region, consider visiting your seminarian or novice. Contact us in advance so we may plan with the formation director, should visits be permitted.

How long does it take for a seminarian to be ordained?

The length of study and preparation for the priesthood varies somewhat from country to country. Seminarians are normally ordained as priests after studying two or three years of philosophy, four years of theology and sometimes one or more years of pastoral and spiritual training.

How long does it take for a novice to become a professed sister?

Usually, novices make their first profession after two years of formation. Many continue their educational and pastoral studies, however, depending on their ministries.

What happens if my seminarian leaves the seminary?

If your seminarian decides to discontinue his studies for the priesthood, a new one will be introduced to you. But please remember both men in your prayers!

What happens if my novice leaves the novitiate?

If your novice decides to leave her religious congregation, a new one will be introduced to you. But please remember both women in your prayers!

CNEWA has always been a means by which people of East and West come together in expressing one faith in the One God, who loves us all.

Get to know us and stay informed about the impact your support makes.

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