Timeline of the Events of the Crusades and Contemporary Events

YearEvents of the CrusadesContemporary Events
610Preaching of Muhammad
632Death of Muhammad
633-717Arab Conquests
1054Great Schism
1095Alexander Comnenus appeals to Urban II
1096Preching of Peter the Hermit in the Spring;
Autumn: Baron’s Crusade; Godfrey of Bouillon reaches Constantinople
1099July 15: Godfrey captures Jerusalem; named Advocate of the Holy SepulchreUrban II dies: Paschal II (1099–1118), pope
1100Godfrey dies: Baldwin of Boulogne becomes King of Jerusalem (Baldwin I)
1115St. Bernard founds the Abbey of Clairvaux
1118Baldwin I leads expedition against Egypt;
April 2: Baldwin I dies; Baldwin Le Bourg named king (Baldwin II)
1119Calixtus II: pope
1123Baldwin II taken prisoner by Balak;
May: Venetian fleet defeats Egyptian fleet at Ascalon
1124Baldwin II released after death of BalakCalixtus dies: Honorius II, pope
1127Zengi – atabeg of Mosul
1128Zengi – master of Aleppo
1129Melisende, heiress to throne of Jerusalem marries Fulk of Anjou
1130Death of Honorius II: Innocent II, pope
1131Death of Baldwin II (21 Aug);
Accession of Fulk of Anjou
1138Franco – Damascene Alliance (Fulk/Muin Al-Din Unur, Regent of Damascus)
1143Death of John Comnenus Emperor of Byzantium (8 Apr.);
Death of Fulk (10 Nov.) Regency of Melisende
Death of Innocent II: Celestine II, pope
1144Zengi captures EdessaDeath of Celestine II
1145Preaching of New Crusade in the WestEugenius III, pope
1146Death of Zengi (15 Sept.);
Nur-ed Din inherits Aleppo;
St. Bernard preaches Crusade;
Louis VII takes cross 31 March;
Emperor Conrad III takes cross 25 December.
1147Manuel Comnenus declares War on Anatolian Turks; German Crusade wiped out;
French Crusade struggles
1152End of Melisende’s Regency;
Accession of Baldwin III
1153Baldwin III takes AscalonAnastasius IV, pope
1154Nur-ed Din, master of DamascusAdrian IV, pope
1156Reynauld of Châtillon ravages Cyprus
1157Emperor Frederick I revolt and expulsion from Rome
1159Alexander III, pope;
Victor IV, imperial anti-pope
1160Reynauld of Châtillon imprisoned by Nur-ed DinFrederick I excommunicated
116210 February: Death of Baldwin III;
18 February: Accession of Amalric I
Frederick Barbarossa destroys Milan: Pope Alexander III flees to France
116923 March: Saladin Master of Egypt – collapse of decadent Fatamid Caliphate
1170Assassination of Thomas Becket
117110 September: Egypt’s return to Sunnite Orthodoxy
1173Break between Nur-ed Din and Saladin
117415 May: Death of Nur-ed Din;
11 July: Death of Amalric I;
Accession of Baldwin IV, the leper king
1176Release of Reynald: Marriage to Stephanie of Milly, Lady of Kerak of Moab. Defeat of Manuel Comnenus at Myriocephalum;
End of Byzantine hegemony in Asia Minor
1177Peace of Venice: Frederick I and Pope Alexander III
1180Truce with Saladin;
24 September: Death of Manuel Comnenus;
Marriage of Sibylla to Guy of Lusignan
Anti-Pope Innocent III deposed – schism ends
1181Lucius III, pope
1183Saladin Master of Aleppo
1185Death of Baldwin IV;
Accession of boy king Baldwin V (Regency of Raymond III)
Urban III, pope
1186Death of Baldwin V;
Coronation of Sibylla and Guy of Lusignan. Reynald captures a caravan belonging to Damascus – war declared
1187Defeat of Crusader forces at Hattin – 4 July
Saladin captures Tiberias, Acre, Jaffa, Haifa, Caesarea, Toron, Sidon, Beirut, Ascalon and on 2 October, Jerusalem
August/December: a crusade is preached in the West
Clement III, pope
1188Henry II (England) and Philip II (France) take the CrossGenghis Khan unifies Mongolia
1189Frederick Barbarossa and the German Crusade (Syria)
119010 June: Death of Frederick Barbarossa;
Philip II and Richard Coeur-de-Lion set out on Crusade in July
1191Richard sacks CyprusCelestine III, pope
1192Crusaders besiege Jerusalem – Negotiate with Saladin
April: Conrad de Montferrat King of Jerusalem;
28 April: He is assassinated;
2 September: Peace with Saladin;
9 October: Crusaders embark for Europe
Richard imprisoned in Durnstein, Austria by Leopold V, whom he had insulted (huge ransom)
11933 March: Death of Saladin;
struggles of succession until 1201
1194Richard freed
1198Innocent III, pope
1199Preaching of the Fourth CrusadeRichard dies; accession of John Lackland
1204Sack of Constantinople by the Crusaders
1208Preaching of Crusade against the Albigensians
1209Albigensian Crusade
1212The Children’s Crusade
1215Fourth Lateran Ecumenical Council, the Magna Carta
1216Fifth Crusade preached by Honorius III; led by Cardinal PelagiusInnocent III dies — Honorius III, pope
1221Military disaster at Mansourah, Egypt; end of Fifth Crusade
1226Death of St. Francis of Assisi
1227Excommunication of Frederick IIDeath of Genghis
1229Treaty of Frederick II with Sultan of Egypt cedes Jerusalem to the Emperor
1231Inquisition established
1239Frederick II invades Papal States
1244Capture of Jerusalem by the Turks
1248-52Crusade of Louis IX1250: Death of Frederick
1256Second Children’s Crusade Massacre at “Pastouraux”
1258Mongol Khan Hulagu, Master of Baghdad, later Aleppo and Damascus
1260-77Mamelukes establish Caliphate in Egypt
1270Second Crusade of St. Louis IX;
Death by disease in Tunis
1280Alliance of Franks and Mongols against Qalawun, Mameluke Sultan
1291End of Frankish States in the East: fall of Acre, Tyre, Sidon and Beirut
1303Philip the Handsome defies Papacy (Innocent IV)
1305The Popes move to Avignon, France
1307-12Trial of the Templars and suppression of the Order of the Temple

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