2010–2011 Annual Report


Dear Friends in the Lord,

What a joy it has been to review my first year as president of CNEWA and reflect on the many blessings this year has brought to all those we are able to serve throughout our world. The boundless generosity of our donors and benefactors has enriched so many.

For me personally, one of the great gifts of this year has been the opportunity to travel to the regions CNEWA serves and to meet those carrying out so many great acts of love. What a privilege to see firsthand the great work being undertaken on behalf of the Holy Father. In the short videos throughout this consolidated Annual Report, you’ll be able to witness some of those journeys. I hope that you will get a sense of the enthusiasm and faith that I experienced. It really is keeping alive the spirit of Pentecost!

It is a spirit — or rather, the Holy Spirit! — that reassures all of us of God’s abiding presence, and that offers to all of us gifts of consolation, wisdom and hope.

Thank you for sharing in that spirit with me — and for sharing your prayers and your gifts. Thank you, most of all, for sharing in this great adventure that is CNEWA.

Know that your intentions are remembered in countless prayers whispered by me, and by so many others you may never know: men, women and children whose lives and futures have been transformed because of your love. On behalf of all of them, and all of us in the CNEWA family: Thank you! May God bless you for your kindness and generosity.

Msgr. John E. Kozar

Middle East

In one of the most troubled corners of the world, CNEWA seeks to be a bearer of peace and a beacon of hope. In the Middle East, CNEWA’s operating agency is the Pontifical Mission for Palestine. Founded by Pope Pius XII in 1949 to assist Palestinian refugees, it is now the Holy See’s relief and development agency for the area.

Through our Pontifical Mission office in Jerusalem, CNEWA serves the peoples and churches in Palestinian areas under the Palestinian Authority or Israeli occupation, and in Israel. From relatively small projects, such as helping the Daughters of Charity purchase milk for children of the Crèche, to more ambitious undertakings, such as providing operational support for an orphanage or scholarships to students at Bethlehem University, CNEWA is there.

Our office in Amman administers activities in Jordan and Iraq. Among other things, these include helping fund the Mother of Mercy Clinic in Zerqa, providing medical equipment to the Italian Hospital in Kerak and supplying medicines and equipment for St. Raphael Hospital in Baghdad.

And in Beirut, our office directs projects and programs in Lebanon and Syria — among the most challenging and dangerous parts of the region today. Your generosity has helped CNEWA care for the elderly and the handicapped at the Franciscan Sisters Hospital, rehabilitate churches in Tripoli and Debel and rehabilitate a cathedral in Damascus, among many other good works.

Financial Breakdown (click to expand)

Last year, our donors and benefactors helped us to award 195 grants in the Middle East — 153 humanitarian, 38 pastoral, 1 public awareness and 3 interfaith. We also supported 39 child care institutions.

The total sum given to the Middle East was $3,310,662.

Subsidies for pastoral support included…

  • Maronite Patriarchal Seminary for the formation of seminarians in Antioch — $51,850
  • Dominican Sisters of St. Catherine of Siena for the formation of novices in Baghdad — $3,000
  • St. Augustine Major Seminary for the formation of seminarians in Beirut — $30,000

Subsidies for humanitarian assistance included…

  • Mother of Mercy Clinic for operational expenses in Zerqa, Jordan — $104,827
  • Blessed Sacrament Orphanage for the care of children in Antioch — $12,420
  • Paul VI Ephpheta Institute for the care of children in Bethlehem — $160,000

Grants for pastoral support included…

  • Franciscan Missionaries of Mary for formation workshops for catechists in Baghdad — $11,299
  • Office of Catholic Schools for production of electronic version of catechism in Nazareth — $6,000
  • Rosary Sisters Convent for general operations in Bethlehem — $5,343

Grants for humanitarian assistance included…

  • St. Raphael Hospital for equipment, medical supplies and medicines in Baghdad — $18,475
  • Italian Hospital for purchasing endoscopy unit in Kerak, Jordan — $74,508
  • Dbayeh Refugee Camp for support of prenatal and postnatal care program in Lebanon — $24,924

Northeast Africa

CNEWA serves three nations in northeastern Africa: Ethiopia, Eritrea and Egypt.

Ethiopia is rich in its Christian heritage, but economically very poor. CNEWA continues to feed, clothe and educate its children; form its priests, sisters and laity; build schools and youth centers; furnish clinics; provide clean, fresh drinking water; and strengthen its families.

Vocations to religious life are flourishing. Our ongoing subsidies to seminaries continue to prepare future priests. Thanks to your generosity, we helped support 10 seminaries and 11 novitiates in Northeast Africa.

In Eritrea, CNEWA funds orphanages and childcare centers and helps feed and care for the poorest of the country’s children. We also pick up some of the operational expenses of technical and vocational schools and work with the country’s Orthodox Church to construct seminaries and renovate churches. Whether building a road or extending small loans to women to start businesses, CNEWA is there.

In Egypt, our work includes helping to support the Franciscan Mission Orphanage in Esna, providing beds and other furniture, and helping rehabilitate Santa Lucia’s Home for the Blind in Abou Kir.

Financial Breakdown (click to expand)

In 2011, our benefactors helped us to award 20 grants in Northeast Africa — 9 humanitarian, 5 pastoral and 6 interfaith. CNEWA also subsidized 98 childcare institutions.

Last year, CNEWA’s donors provided nearly $1.5 million to help uplift the people of Northeast Africa.

Subsidies for pastoral support included…

  • St. Leo the Great Coptic Catholic Seminary, Cairo, Egypt, for the formation of seminarians — $153,300
  • Holy Saviour Major Seminary for the formation of seminarians in Asmara, Eritrea — $33,253
  • Catholic Major Seminary for the formation of seminarians in Adigrat, Ethiopia — $45,000

Subsidies for humanitarian assistance included…

  • Home of the Good Samaritan for the care of children in Alexandria, Egypt — $3,720
  • Catholic Mission Orphanage for the care of children in Hebo, Eritrea — $11,000
  • Catholic School for the care of children in Meki, Ethiopia — $46,000

Project grants included…

  • Our Lady of Catholic Priest Association for ongoing formation in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia — $8,200
  • Catholic Eparchy of Keren for construction of Immaculate Conception Minor Seminary in Keren, Eritrea — $31,000
  • Saint Leo the Great Coptic Catholic Seminary for rehabilitation in Alexandria, Egypt — $13,670
  • Saint Lucia’s Home for the Blind for rehabilitation in Alexandria, Egypt — $22,285
  • Abba Gebre Michael School for construction in Adigrat, Ethiopia — $175,662


India’s Eastern churches — Catholic and Orthodox — are among the most dynamic institutions in this fast-growing country. For decades, thanks to support from people like you, CNEWA has helped India’s priests, sisters and lay leaders shelter, feed, clothe and teach children; prepared priests and educated sisters; and built and furnished hospitals and clinics.

Last year, among many projects, CNEWA helped construct a boarding school for Dalit children — the so-called “untouchables” — and purchased equipment for the Assisi School for the Blind. Your generosity helped provide care and support for leprosy patients and constructed homes for the poor.

Through CNEWA’s sponsorship programs, you enabled 3,318 seminarians and 875 novices to pursue their calling to serve God. Sponsors helped support 373 child care institutions in India — the largest number in CNEWA’s world.

Financial Breakdown (click to expand)

Last year, donors enabled us to dispense $3,051,031 to some of the greatest needs in India, enriching their lives through education, health care and, very often, a deepening sense of faith. In addition to subsidies for formation of priests and religious and the care of children in need, CNEWA awarded 14 humanitarian and 13 pastoral grants.

Subsidies for pastoral support included…

  • Dharmaram College for the formation of seminarians in Bangalore — $27,486
  • Sacred Heart Congregation for the formation of novices in Changanacherry — $3,012
  • St. Joseph’s Pontifical Seminary for the formation of seminarians in Kunnoth — $75,150

Subsidies for humanitarian assistance included…

  • St. Paul’s Orphanage for the care of children in Adilabad — $18,190
  • St. Anthony’s Balabhavan for the care of children in Bhadravati — $16,238
  • Mount Carmel Orphanage for the care of children in Palghat — $13,372

Grants for pastoral support included…

  • Eparchy of Mavelikara for the construction of a minor seminary — $23,351
  • Holy Family Novitiate House for construction of a compound wall in Ernakulam — $20,349
  • Fathima Matha Church for construction in Palghat — $15,409

Grants for humanitarian assistance included…

  • St. Joseph’s After Care Home for higher studies for poor girls in Changanacherry — $16,015
  • Damien Institute for care and support of leprosy patients in Trichur — $6,965
  • Malankara Social Service Society for construction of houses for poor families in Trivandrum — $44,351

Eastern Europe

Eastern Europe is vast and CNEWA’s activities there, modest. But the work we have undertaken continues to uplift and support schools, orphanages, seminaries and institutions through Russia, Ukraine, Hungary, Georgia and Armenia.

Grants also promoted Christian unity in a variety of ways, including program support for the Orthodox Theological Institute in Belarus.

Last year, generous CNEWA benefactors helped support two seminaries and two novitiates in Eastern Europe, making it possible for more young people to answer God’s call.

Financial Breakdown (click to expand)

In 2011, CNEWA provided $347,741 in aid and support to the people of Eastern Europe, including 6 humanitarian, 5 pastoral and 6 interfaith grants.

Subsidies for pastoral support included…

  • Greek Catholic Theological Seminary for the formation of seminarians in Romania — $19,550
  • Ukrainian Catholic University for the formation of seminarians in Lviv, Ukraine — $75,000
  • Sisters of the Order of St. Basil the Great for the formation of novices — $1,785

Subsidies for humanitarian assistance included…

  • Our Lady of Armenia Center for the care of children in Armenia — $6,800

Grants for pastoral support included…

  • Holy Resurrection Cathedral of Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church for construction in Kyiv, Ukraine — $27,451
  • Military Chaplaincy Center for support in Lviv — $1,500
  • Christ the Lover of Mankind Church for completion of construction in Stebnyk, Ukraine — $29,412

Grants for humanitarian assistance included…

  • Apostolic Nunciature of Georgia for preservation of art in Azerbaijan — $25,000
  • Bukovoo Orphanage for support of girls with mental disabilities in Ukraine — $10,800
  • Holy Family Sisters for support of orphanage in Bibrka Town, Ukraine — $7,500

Other Areas

The Holy See

As an agency of the Holy See, we work closely as the right hand of the Holy Father’s Congregation for the Eastern Churches. CNEWA is also a major supporter of the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity, the department of the Holy See concerned with ecumenism and religious relations with Jews.

Last year, CNEWA provided grants totaling $1,347,406. Grants and subsidies included:

  • Pontifical Council for Christian Unity’s Catholic Committee for Cultural Collaboration for scholarships — $62,000
  • Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue for scholarships — $50,000
  • Congregation of the Eastern Churches for general operations — $809,632

CNEWA’s support for the Eastern churches is concentrated where they need it most, which is usually in their traditional homelands. But we are not limited by geography. Sometimes, we help an Eastern church establish itself in a Western country, or provide special assistance at a donor’s request.

Last year, CNEWA awarded $337,293 in grants — 2 humanitarian, 7 pastoral, 1 public awareness and 5 interfaith. For example, we provided $25,000 in scholarships to the International Theological Institute in Austria, and assisted the Eparchy of Saint Maron in Brooklyn with $200,000 for pastoral activities.

Public Awareness

A foundational mandate of CNEWA is to promote and inform the West about the churches, peoples and activities of the Eastern churches. CNEWA utilizes a variety of communications media to reach you, through our award-winning bi-monthly magazine, ONE; our acclaimed blog ONE-TO-ONE; and our website, All provide information and illumination, and offer donors and readers an opportunity to learn more about the people and places we serve.

In 2012, CNEWA’s publications, online and in print, earned an unprecedented 21 awards from the Catholic Press Association of the United States and Canada, including First Place in General Excellence for ONE magazine.


RevenueUnrestrictedTemporarily RestrictedPermanently Restricted2011 Total2010 Total
Grants from funding agencies2,133,0692,133,0692,078,177
Legacies and bequests1,517,177236,1141,753,2915,775,395
Investment return578,989(269,057)44,931354,8632,613,359
Change in value of annuity obligations(331,603)(331,603)(294,131)
Contributions in kind
Contributed services$251,654$251,654$245,324
Net assets released from restrictions9,665,725(9,665,725)
Total Revenue$17,534,257($269,720)$191,289$17,455,826$23,416,775
Expenses2011 Total2010 Total
Program services –
Pastoral support:
   Preparing church leadership$2,210,634$2,184,078
   Supporting priestly ministry405,988378,586
   Advancing religious institutions2,094,5672,321,879
   Assisting the Holy See950,4271,115,197
   Total pastoral support5,661,6165,999,740
Humanitarian assistance:
   Responding to urgent human needs764,3491,328,826
   Caring for needy children4,793,2544,749,161
   Advancing social service institutions2,505,1802,745,584
   Promoting social development586,939957,511
   Total humanitarian assistance8,649,7229,781,082
Fostering interfaith communication567,136616,117
Heightening public awareness2,101,0061,801,302
Total program services16,979,48018,198,241
Support service –
   Management and general1,037,984930,800
   Total support services3,172,4172,824,002
Total Expenses$20,151,897$21,022,243
Net Assests2011 Total2010 Total
Net investment in plant4,549,3062,663,111
Total Unrestricted11,977,72914,595,369
Temporarily Restricted8,616,6338,886,353
Permanently Restricted7,966,6427,775,353
Total Net Assets$28,561,004$31,257,075

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