Tremendous economic development in the subcontinent of India in the last few decades — especially in the Christian heartland of the southwestern state of Kerala — has lifted millions of people out of poverty. And yet, tens of millions live in a precarious state.

In the last few years, increasingly dramatic weather patterns have caused massive monsoons with devastating effects on the environment, washing away arable soil, livestock and homes. The results — economic, physical, emotional and spiritual — have devastated the most vulnerable. The relentless coronavirus epidemic has crushed those most susceptible, demanding a Christian response. CNEWA partners with the Eastern churches rooted in the preaching of the apostle Thomas, who brought the Gospel to southwestern India in the first century. For generations, the Syro-Malabar and Syro-Malankara Catholic churches have reached out to the very margins of the continent, witnessing the Gospel among the poor, the blind and the lame — and those historically considered “untouchable.”

In 2019, CNEWA:

Provided the Eparchy of Chanda in Maharashtra with $19,506 to support faith formation programs in interior village parishes.

Sent $538,366 to 104 houses of formation to prepare future priests and religious sisters and brothers.

Rushed $54,845 to the Syro-Malabar Wayanad Social Service Society, the People’s Service Society in Palakkad, and the Centre for Overall Development in Thamarassery to assist families repair their homes and reclaim livestock and land devastated by flash floods and mudslides.

Sent $7,535 to the Seva Social Service Society in Pune to assist the education of impoverished children living in urban slums.

Subsidized 159 child care programs throughout India, 12 of which focus on children with special needs, sending a total of $663,916 in funds.

Gave the Eparchy of Thuckalay in Tamil Nadu $7,083 in funds for youth formation and training.

Provided the Malankara Social Service Society with $16,002 for vocational courses for Dalit children.

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