Across the Middle East, Northeast Africa, India and Eastern Europe, Catholic Near East Welfare Association (CNEWA) works in places where poverty, war and displacement shatter innocent lives.

As an agency of the Vatican, we provide funds to ensure the Eastern churches and devoted religious sisters — who run clinics, schools, orphanages and other sanctuaries — have enough money to do their vital work.

By doing so, we help them assist and protect families, the elderly and the disabled. We support the vocations of future sisters and priests. We fund pastoral programs that strengthen Christian communities. And we’ve been doing it all since 1926.

CNEWA isn’t a massive global relief organization. But in more than a dozen countries — with support from good people like you — we send kindness to all who need it, regardless of their faith.

As a Catholic sister we work with explains,

“We don’t help people because they’re Christian. We help because we are.

For all of us at CNEWA, they’re the words welive by every day.

Get to know us and stay informed about the impact your support makes.

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