Lebanon in Crisis

a mother and child sign a paper at a distribution site in Beirut with relief supplies in the background.
CNEWA distributes parcels of food at the Syriac Catholic School for Iraqi refugee children. (photo: Maroun Bassil)

We will never forget that day in August.

A massive explosion tore through Beirut’s waterfront — what the mayor called “a national catastrophe” that left some 300,000 people homeless, thousands more injured. More than 200 people were killed.

In the middle of it all was CNEWA. Our office in the city was one of many that was damaged. But we quickly set to work trying to help the helpless. The Congregation for Eastern Churches charged CNEWA and L’Oeuvre d’Orient, a Paris-based Catholic charity that has long partnered with CNEWA, to coordinate worldwide Catholic aid for Lebanon.

Since then, the outpouring has been extraordinary. Thanks to donors from around the world, we have been able to join with our partners in the region to distribute food, repair damaged homes, rehabilitate hospitals and clinics and bring to this wounded nation some reassurance and hope. Church-run facilities that support children, families and the elderly have been able to reopen.

But our work has only begun. There is so much more to do.

Lebanon — a cradle of Christianity, a source of solidarity and prayer — needs your help.

The aftershocks of this disaster — physical, economic, psychological — go on. It will take years for Lebanon to recover.

And CNEWA will be with them every step of the way.

We are helping bring the love of Christ to survivors of one of the worst disasters Lebanon has known.

Will you join us?

“Lebanon is more than a country,” Pope Francis said. “Lebanon is a message of liberty, an example of pluralism for the Middle East and the rest of the world. We cannot allow this patrimony to be lost.”

Your generous support can help this battered country rebuild, and help our brothers and sisters start anew. You can help Lebanon, a witness to faith and fraternity, be a witness to perseverance and hope.

Get to know us and stay informed about the impact your support makes.

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