Help Armenia’s Elderly Stay Warm

elderly woman in armenia holds her hands in front of a space heater.
A beneficiary of the Warm Winter project conducted by Caritas Armenia with the support of CNEWA warms up by a heater. (photo: Caritas)

As the weather turns cold and the days grow short, our thoughts turn to those who are suffering during this time of year — and in a special way, we at CNEWA remember our brothers and sisters in Armenia.

This year, in particular, we are called to do more.

This is a time when the suffering peoples around the world are not only facing poverty or illness; they are also coping with a global pandemic. Armenia has been hit especially hard on two fronts — from COVID-19 and from a surge in families fleeing the escalating violence in neighboring Nagorno-Karabakh.

Every year, working with our partner in Armenia, Caritas, we lend our support through the Warm Winter Appeal. This winter, as Armenia faces a worsening pandemic, and an influx of people displaced by violence, we are expanding our support and asking for your generous help — help that can change the lives of hundreds of people, during their most desperate time of the year.

It helps scores of Armenians, many of them the elderly poor — the “new orphans” — to receive something precious and rare during these brutal months: warmth. It provides fuel for small stoves in humble houses — many of these homes, little more than shacks in the barren mountains. It brings firewood, gas or electric heat to people who are struggling simply to survive. It brings them medical supplies, food and first aid.

Most importantly, it brings the precious gift of hope.

The hope that someone cares. The hope that a winter of hardship will give way to spring of renewal. It is the hope and reassurance that someone remembers those who are often forgotten.

In that spirit, we ask you to extend your hand to those who are truly in a time of need right now.

Please know that every gesture, every gift, every offering of warmth for this year’s annual Warm Winter Appeal will be received with immense gratitude and prayers of thanksgiving.

May God bless you for your thoughtfulness and generosity. Thank you!

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