Lebanon in Crisis: Watch the Video of the Webinar with the Patriarch

Yesterday, we posted on the extraordinary international webinar CNEWA co-sponsored, in which Patriarch Béchara Boutros Rai spoke about the crisis in Lebanon.

Cardinal Rai implored the international community, in his opening statement:

“Today I would like to urge all our friends, all those who believe in the importance of a culture of freedom, moderation, diversity and inter-religious co-living, not to forget Lebanon at this time of great need, as it faces the worst existential crisis in its history. King Faisal of Saudi Arabia once said: ‘Had we not have that country of Lebanon, we would have needed to invent it.'”

We are pleased to be able to post below the complete webinar, courtesy of one of the sponsors, the Center on Religion and Culture at Fordham University.

Meantime, this page offers more details about CNEWA’s emergency relief efforts in Lebanon.

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