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March 2017


CNEWA Connection

Alcoholism has been one of the most serious problems in Kerala for generations. For a long time, the Indian state... READ MORE

CNEWA Connection

CNEWA has been active in Ukraine since the unraveling of the Soviet Union, of which it was once an important... READ MORE

CNEWA Connection

Since 2013, CNEWA’s nutritional support program in northern Ethiopia has fed more than 8,000 children in 24 Catholic schools. But... READ MORE

CNEWA Connection

“For decades,” writes CNEWA’s Michel Constantin, regional director for Lebanon, Syria and Egypt, “CNEWA has accompanied the local churches in... READ MORE

CNEWA Connection

The Near East Council of Churches (N.E.C.C.) is a part of the Middle East Council of Churches, an umbrella body... READ MORE

CNEWA Connections

From the first days of ISIS’ invasion of northern Iraq in 2014, CNEWA has reached out to provide support to... READ MORE


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