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Prayers From the Eastern Rites

Be amazed, O heavens! Be shaken, O foundations of the earth! Behold, He that dwells in the highest is numbered among the dead and sheltered in a lowly tomb. Bless Him, O youths! Praise Him, O priests! O people, exalt Him above all forever!

Before the dawn, the myrrhbearing women sought, as those who seek the day, their sun, who was before the sun yet had descended to the grave, and they cried to each other: O friends, come let us anoint with spices His lifebearing yet buried body, the flesh which raised fallen Adam and now lies in the tomb. Let us assemble and, like the magi, let us hasten and let us worship. Let us bring myrrh as a gift to Him who is wrapped now, not in swaddling clothes, but in a windingsheet. Let us lament and cry: Arise, O Master, and bestow resurrection on the fallen.

The soldiers guarding Thy tomb, O Savior, became as dead men at the lightening flash of the angel who appeared announcing Thy resurrection to the women. We glorify Thee, who cleansest from corruption. We fall down before Thee, who didst rise from the tomb, our only God.

Let all mortal flesh now be silent!
Let all stand in fear and trembling, having no earthly thought!
For behold, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords
is coming to be sacrificed and to be given as food to
the faithful.

This is the chosen and holy day, first of sabbaths, king and lord of days, the feast of feasts, holy day of holy days. On this day we bless Christ forevermore.

Pascha of beauty,
The Pascha of the Lord,
A Pascha worthy of all honor has dawned for us.
Let us embrace each other joyously.
O Pascha, ransom from affliction!
For today as from a bridal chamber
Christ has shown forth from the tomb
and filled the women with joy saying:
Proclaim the glad tidings to the apostles.

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